We've decided to take a new modularized approach to getting an alpha off the ground. We've already started to build up our collection of assets, so now is the time for us to put that to use. Our plan is to finish a town, Nilneas, as a complete stand alone releasable with all basic features. 

For more info, see the dev lists page, and the collaboration thread on the forums: http://prismonline.forumotion.com/t123-nilneas

So a few of you have expressed that our progress is slow, or that it looks like Prism has died. Au contraire! This is far from the truth. Yes, progress is slow, but we are in no way dead. What the issue has been is team size. Right now, our team is incredibly small, and while a few people taking some time off for school or other real life things wouldn't show in a large team, with our small team, a few people taking time off means that there are just that many fewer people working on the game.

But there's some good news! There's been some good concepting in this period of time: we've created more monsters, we've developed our world, and we've worked on systems vital to gameplay. Only a small bit of the world concepting has been posted to "The World" under The Game. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of your own exploration!

So what can you do to help us? Well we're always looking for artists. A lot of art goes into developing a game of this magnitude, and we only have a fraction of it done. Whether you're a concept artist, a modeler, animator, texture artist, or just a doodler, come show us your ideas in the forum! Regardless of your skill level, we're looking for input from everyone! We want to make this a game that everyone in the community wants to play, and has helped shape. We also need programmers. We'd prefer if you're reasonably experienced, but don't let that deter you from talking to us! You may be exactly what we're looking for. We are also casually looking for writers. We will be looking for a handful of on staff writers, but anyone can contribute a plot point, a quest line, or an NPC idea, just head on over to the forum! Last but not least, we need people to do sound. What's a great environment without great environment effects?

Anyway, we'd love to expand our team so tell us what you're good at!
Ok, so this is just a brief update to let everyone who has been following our project know that there is will be a period of slow updates. The reason for this is because TheGood and I are returning to university this week, so we'll be getting situated and settled in. During this time, we'll still be producing content, but we'll be quite busy with other stuff as well, so the speed of updates won't be the same as previously. 

Hopefully, this is only temporary and lasts for only a few weeks or so at which time we'll be back in our groove and outputting again! 

Ok, so some basic info about the game can be found around the site. BUT, if you want an indepth perspective, check out the *drumroll* NEW GDD! :D It's located in the downloads section of the site and contains everything from plot to gameplay information. So you should check it out. If you have questions about the game, I'm going to assume you read the GDD, but feel free to ask questions and join the forum and hang out.

On another note, this site and the forum will be your quickest access to information. We'll continue to update the indieDB page we have, but as you may know, anything submitted there has to be approved by their staff so updates take a little longer to process. If you're interested in staying up to date with news posts like this one, or gallery additions, subscribe to our RSS feed on the right. 

I hope you guys are as excited about the new Prism as we are, because I'm personally stoked! See you all around.

Ok, so by now I'm sure you all have seen the news post in the forum and on the indiedb. So you know, do not fear. We are not discontinuing this project by any means. It IS however, going through a major overhaul. More information will of course come available as we see fit, and will be posted here, first! 

If you've become interested in this project then stay interested! We hope to be back very shortly with a lot of new stuff to show you including new models, new design and new features. So check back often :3

   So an exciting milestone for the project. We have a public Game Design Document! :D

   For those of you who aren't familiar with what a GDD is, it's a document containing all sorts of information regarding the game and its features.

   Ours, isn't entirely complete. There are a handful of areas still requiring some love. Those aspects haven't yet been decided, or are going to be filled with community content. So, keep an eye on the document as it will receive updates as necessary! 

   So, you can find ours here: http://prismonline.weebly.com/downloads.html It's in pdf format, so you'll need a program that can read that, for example open office! You can also find this in our downloads section. Our forums are always open if you have any comments or suggestions =]
Hey, this is the new blog system for the new site! Isn't it exciting, and such =]
Any question/comment/issues should be directed in a comment. We'll get to it ASAP!

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