Ok, so some basic info about the game can be found around the site. BUT, if you want an indepth perspective, check out the *drumroll* NEW GDD! :D It's located in the downloads section of the site and contains everything from plot to gameplay information. So you should check it out. If you have questions about the game, I'm going to assume you read the GDD, but feel free to ask questions and join the forum and hang out.

On another note, this site and the forum will be your quickest access to information. We'll continue to update the indieDB page we have, but as you may know, anything submitted there has to be approved by their staff so updates take a little longer to process. If you're interested in staying up to date with news posts like this one, or gallery additions, subscribe to our RSS feed on the right. 

I hope you guys are as excited about the new Prism as we are, because I'm personally stoked! See you all around.


09/03/2011 8:35am

Keep up the good work, this will be a succes!


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