So the semester is over, and I've turned back to working on Prism. After a quick look through our resources, it became apparent that while we had some cohesive style between our site, wiki, forum, and indiedb, there was a big difference in some areas.

I took the opportunity of being revved up from the end of classes to patch up our various locations on the web. The forum has received a total reskin from scratch which is much more in line with our existing styles. I've also done some tweaking to the website so that it's a little more pleasant to look at. You might notice these changes here and there as you browse.

Additionally, the indiedb page received a minor revamp as well! You'll now see more of the game information on the front page, and it looks a little prettier too!

I apologize this isn't really what most of you want to hear, I imagine. You'd rather see updates and cool things yeah? Well I promise to have something cool in the next update.

Thank you all who follow our RSS! But keep in mind the bulk of the chatter goes on in the forum. If you're interested in more than occasional updates, don't be shy, join us!


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