So a few of you have expressed that our progress is slow, or that it looks like Prism has died. Au contraire! This is far from the truth. Yes, progress is slow, but we are in no way dead. What the issue has been is team size. Right now, our team is incredibly small, and while a few people taking some time off for school or other real life things wouldn't show in a large team, with our small team, a few people taking time off means that there are just that many fewer people working on the game.

But there's some good news! There's been some good concepting in this period of time: we've created more monsters, we've developed our world, and we've worked on systems vital to gameplay. Only a small bit of the world concepting has been posted to "The World" under The Game. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of your own exploration!

So what can you do to help us? Well we're always looking for artists. A lot of art goes into developing a game of this magnitude, and we only have a fraction of it done. Whether you're a concept artist, a modeler, animator, texture artist, or just a doodler, come show us your ideas in the forum! Regardless of your skill level, we're looking for input from everyone! We want to make this a game that everyone in the community wants to play, and has helped shape. We also need programmers. We'd prefer if you're reasonably experienced, but don't let that deter you from talking to us! You may be exactly what we're looking for. We are also casually looking for writers. We will be looking for a handful of on staff writers, but anyone can contribute a plot point, a quest line, or an NPC idea, just head on over to the forum! Last but not least, we need people to do sound. What's a great environment without great environment effects?

Anyway, we'd love to expand our team so tell us what you're good at!

01/26/2012 9:15pm

I can't wait for this game to come out it looks great so far and i would love to design some concept art for monsters if you need them (i wish i could animate but i havent learned how to use blender and college isnt too helpful -.-) let me know if i can help out :3

02/07/2012 9:12am

We'd love to see your work! Hop on over to the forums and show us your stuff. Every contribution, no matter how small, is invaluable to the progress of the game.

02/08/2012 5:20pm

cool anything in particular you need?

03/13/2012 1:44pm

just found Prism and the website! I'm assuming y'all received a C&D or something from Nintendo, but decided to continue by changing it from Pokemon into original material. Love that the project has continued.

I'm currently a comp sci major in college and I'm learning c++. I'd love to somehow contribute to the project at some point (although realistically this summer would be when i could contribute).

anywho, keep up the great work. All of the concept art looks awesome

05/27/2012 8:00pm

Sorry about the really late reply on this. Unfortunately, this site doesn't let us know when we get a reply to a news post.

We would love to be able to add a programmer to our team. Feel free to mail me at and we can talk more about what we need. We can also talk on the forums so everyone can get to know you. Look forward to working with you!


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