So, the year is calming down a bit for us while summer takes its heated toll on us. For the past few weeks, we've been working really hard to get the project "programming ready". This means that we're finalizing all the systems, working out any foreseeable kinks, and that sort of thing so we can start getting a working prototype in place. This is an ongoing process and we're getting pretty close to a point where we're happy. Part of this is getting our GDD up and running. Rather than make a huge document that's tedious to navigate and edit and stuff, we've decided to make a wiki. You can visit it at . Please refrain from editing pages, or creating new ones for the time being unless you've been approved, but feel free to talk about our pages on the wiki itself, or on the forum. We welcome feedback!

For now, you probably won't see a lot of graphical progress like there has been in the past while we work out kinks in the various systems that have to go into the early builds of the game, but I'll still be working on game art when I can.

All that said, we are starting the hunt for a lead programmer. For our lead programmer, we would like to have someone who is as dedicated to this project as the rest of the core crew. Any sort of experience is a plus as MMO programming is no small task. We have a professional, industry, database designer who you would be able to work with, but they don't specialize in game programming so that's where our lead programmer comes in. 

We are also looking for auxiliary programmers, and specialized programmers. So if you'd rather not take on the task of directing the whole operation but you'd like to help out, we'd love to have you on board.

And of course, we are always looking for artists and engine specialists. For anyone interested in joining us, please let us know via the forums, or IRC chat (though be aware of timezones and that not everyone will be available). Happy gaming!


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