Another one of the starters all modeled! Next step: animation

Finally got this little guy some color!

Remember Sliza? Here's his preevo! So cute!

WIP preview of a building. What is it, no one knows!
Vuel'Tek concept. Just a rough sketch for the entrance of Vue'Tek.
Modular window! Not very exciting, but it's a move in the direction of modularity which will make city building much faster.
Just a bit of a teaser for you guys. Some animations for the Drilba monster. Just the basic battle set for now.
Just some concepts that I was too lazy to color all nice.

by indie
With the mapping of the roads finished, all that's left is buildings to fill these roads!
Yup. Players will have automated shop keepers which will sell their stock for them. Pay "rent" with game money or sell your space to another player. You can buy ads in the main shopping district to advert your shop.

Players can choose the type of shopkeeper (rail bot, android, or human), the name displayed above their shop, and 3 icons for the banner on the side.

Prism Online