Arborel concept. Not the city proper, but a small outlying community.

Rurnip is a little root monster. 

Aptly named by NuGGa, this little fellow is a furry arachnid relative. Electric type. A page on him can be found on the wiki.

I've revamped the world map so that its more cohesive and a lot nicer looking. Some of the locations have been moved around to better fit the lore, and the more refined geography.

List of locations from top/bottom left/right:CITIES (blue):Krell, Oceanis, Lacushire, Vertisa, Arborel, Durom Fall, K'Lat, Vuel'Tek, AelmarshTowns (yellow):Dunia, Lochlea, Fellwald, Orin's Point, Norland, Farlake Mill, Bredge, Dolin, Sineris, Denport, Kann, Tirandel, Nilneas, Ambred, Ashtar, Kanleih, Carin, Seldura Barrens, Dur'Lak, Murdenhelm, Crimoor, Bel'Dur, Dustfell, Leywater, Malwyre, Urad'Va, Vuel'Va, Ourlat'Mar -indie
Squarp, the flying squid!
Modeled by indie, concepted by NuGGa.

This little guy has the ability to teleport using the flower protruding form his head. Unfortunately, Vorph is too young to control this power and often ends up opening portals accidentally and popping into places he wasn't expecting.
Modeled by indie after a concept by Hoskins
This monster disguises itself with this mask in hopes of being able to sneak into human camps and catch and easy lunch.

Concept - TheGood
Model/texture - indie
The same scene as before, but now there are roofs to be had! And a bit more interesting architecture.

The market place. Still needs "stuff" to fill it, but the structure is there!

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