I've revamped the world map so that its more cohesive and a lot nicer looking. Some of the locations have been moved around to better fit the lore, and the more refined geography.

List of locations from top/bottom left/right:CITIES (blue):Krell, Oceanis, Lacushire, Vertisa, Arborel, Durom Fall, K'Lat, Vuel'Tek, AelmarshTowns (yellow):Dunia, Lochlea, Fellwald, Orin's Point, Norland, Farlake Mill, Bredge, Dolin, Sineris, Denport, Kann, Tirandel, Nilneas, Ambred, Ashtar, Kanleih, Carin, Seldura Barrens, Dur'Lak, Murdenhelm, Crimoor, Bel'Dur, Dustfell, Leywater, Malwyre, Urad'Va, Vuel'Va, Ourlat'Mar -indie

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